Dear friends, family & strangers alike, thanks for looking: dəˈsərnmənt – noun (Christian Context) perception in the absence of judgment with a view to obtaining spiritual direction and understanding. There is a mystery in God’s unusual presence of carving out pathways with the slowest trickle of water that is beautiful and mystifying. If we do … Continue reading Discernment


Darren, 27, walked up to my girlfriends car timid and shy. He knew what he was doing wasn’t pleasant for me or him. “Excuse me ma’am…” his voice trails off. “Nevermind, you look busy,” he said, as I rolled my eyes. I was tired of the homeless begging for money. But, I shifted and put … Continue reading Darren

Friday Feels

When I was in middle school I knew something was a bit different about me. I couldn’t place a finger on it because there wasn’t an example of the emotions I had inside of me. I wasn’t into dating guys, but it seemed like the thing to do at the time. You know be excited … Continue reading Friday Feels


  His name was Arthur. He pulled up in his Dodge caravan to pick my friend and I up for the most historic day of our country to date. It was pouring, cold and windy. My friend, Katherine and I, had freshly painted signs and rain coats to combat the nasty weather. We hopped into … Continue reading Awakening