Our Bible App: Power of Subversion

When I sat down to record with Crystal and Theresa from Our Bible App a few weeks ago, I truly had no idea how moved I would be by the conclusion of our time together. Crystal shares a moving story of her mother (shout out to OG for believing in us queer folks) who has supported financially since day one for Our Bible to exist. Our Bible App exists because of the humanity of others experiencing how needed this resource is in the world. Sacrifice is real in order to subvert the power of oppressive systems. Our Bible App is creating a community filled with humans asking, seeking, and in need of communal healing, gathering, and space. Take a listen, share, and if you truly love what you’re hearing – review the podcast. Hearing from other humans around the world on how these stories impact is a joy.

Episode Air Date: Jan. 28

Crystal Cheatham, founder and CEO of Our Bible App, and Theresa Ta, Editor of Our Bible App, share how the app is aiming to subvert capitalistic return for social change & wellness by building equitable community through inclusive resources and diverse voices.

Our Bible App is a digital faith and lifestyle resource providing access to daily devotionals, podcasts, and chat rooms that connect you to the conversations, prayers, and activism of folks for whom inclusive love and justice inform their progressive faith.

Our websiteourbibleapp.com

For info about writing for OBA or hosting your podcast on the appourbibleapp.com/submissions 

OBA’s The Playbookmailchi.mp/ourbibleapp.com/playbook

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook: @ourbibleapp

Send positive vibes or ask Q’s: Crystal@ourbibleapp.com & Theresa@ourbibleapp.com

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