Heaven on Earth with Erin Green

There are so many wonderful take aways from this week’s episode of How To Be Human….

I don’t believe that God is so limited that we can only understand God through the four walls of the church.

Erin Green (She/Her) is an affirming biblical scholar and LGBTQ+ activist. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies from Azusa Pacific University and is a current, second year MDiv student at San Francisco Theological Seminary. Her specialties are in the entire Christian biblical corpus with an emphasis on the Hebrew Bible, the ancient Near East, exegesis, and how to employ various hermeneutical methods. Her passion is helping those excluded by the church to heal from spiritual abuse and trauma by navigating the biblical text in restorative ways.

We talked a lot about feeling your feelings, infiltrating academia with queer thoughts, bodies, and scholarship, as well as how to bring that wisdom to the public square.

There’s also a lovely blooper front and center where I forgot to trim the first opening portion – so enjoy boob cups and stay for the “shatter glass balls” commentary – it’s a worthy metaphor, promise.

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Here are more details:

Kaitlin Curtice is a Native American Christian author and speaker. As an enrolled member of the Potawatomi Citizen Band and someone who has grown up in the Christian faith, Kaitlin writes on the intersection of Indigenous spirituality, faith in everyday life, and the church.

Recently, Kaitlin spoke at Baylor University and was harassed by white supremacists for a prayer. They spread a false story that she had prayed to Mother Mystery when she had not. But soon, she came to see the power in that name and now we are releasing a line of Mother Mystery clothing and items. Proceeds are donated to 50/50 to two nonprofits chosen by Kaitlin

Crushing Colonialism: https://www.crushingcolonialism.org

Honor The Earth: http://www.honorearth.org

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